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The railway museum In the railway museum Black Forest the world’s largest collection in model size II can be seen. The collection does not present industrial products but unique exhibits, especially and elaborately manufactured as models. The locomotives consist of up to 10,000 parts
industrial products but unique exhibits, especially and elaborately manufactured as models. The locomotives consist of up to 10,000 parts Complex I This large complex is built on a 1 to 22.5 scale. There are12 trains travelling on the site, among them tramways, standard gauge railways and a rack and pinion railway. In between, scenes from everyday life have been added. The single trains as well as the scenes can be moved by visitors at the touch of a button Pastellania “A pastel dream”, that is what this fabulously beautiful site is called. It is presented in minute detail. Over 3,000 hours of work were necessary to create the details of this railway section.

Freight Gauge 1 historical Among these exhibits a lot of rarities can be discovered. They are handmade models by Märklin and Bing. In the upper section you can see models that were built between 1890 and 1914; the exhibits in the lower section come from the years between the two world wars.
Depot - The depot is a true depiction of reality. The maintenance jobs, which are required with steam engines in quick succession, are re-enacted in every detail: i. e. repair work as well as loading coal and filling water.

Freight trains The displayed trains show the history and development of freight wagons. We can distinguish between wagons for bulk goods (like coal and gravel), cars with side stakes for long goods (like logs and iron rods), covered wagons for mixed cargo and dangerous goods.
Special models Here different types of railway trains can be seen: • light railways, used in quarries or in peat excavation • narrow gauge railways run by various railway companies • the “Furka”-railway with rack drive • wagons with containers for liquids • special transport vehicles
Small-series models These limited series models recall memories of companies like LBG Lehmann in Nuremberg, Magnus and Bachmann.
5 inch genuine steam engines These are steam driven model locomotives.

Various trains Various trains with diverse engines show the development of rail transport. Small scenes depict the loading of goods from the rail to the road and vice versa.
Freight trains/ Special forms of railway tracks Complete freight trains in diverse designs illustrate the scope of goods transportation on rails. Diverse forms of points show the combination of normal gauge and narrow gauge tracks.
Gauge 1 modern model of the pomp carriage of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, but also a “Rheingold” model made by the Spring Company. Not to forget the “Big-Boy” model of the biggest and strongest steam engine in the world.

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